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Hey there! Thanks for visiting When We Roam, this is our first post so we’ll keep it short and sweet.

When We Roam – Travel Bloggers

We’re a team of two with a love of travel, we’re slowly discovering all the world has to offer and are having so much fun on our adventures. As we explore the world we embrace other cultures and learn more about each other – it’s all a bit cheesy, but then who doesn’t love cheese?!?

Who Are We?

We met the old-fashioned way, pre swipe left or right, at a party. Neither of us planned to be there, but we clicked instantly, Gemma wrote on my shoe and I wrote in her birthday notebook (a collection of incredibly drunken messages from old and new friends).

Our second date was planned early on (not sure if we should count the party as our first date, but what the heck, we spent 8 hours chatting). I was moving to my first flat, we agreed to paint together and I would make my world famous Mexican soup. It’s good soup, trust me.

The plan was to paint it red – I know what you’re thinking, how romantic. Correct.

My flat became our home a few months later.

Fast forward nine years, the wall still looks great, we’ve been on so many adventures around the world and have many more planned (the soup also went down a treat).

The First Time We Roamed

Our first holiday cemented our passion for our adopted home of Scotland (Gemma is from Ireland and I’m from North Yorkshire – an Englishman and Irishwoman living in Scotland – punchlines on a postcard please).

We ventured to the Isle of Barra, in a teeny tiny aircraft with propellers. It was so small, I could have reached over at taken a bite out of the pilot’s sandwich.

This thrilling journey climaxed at the world’s most scenic runway, it’s worth visiting Barra just to see the ‘airport’ – it’s breathtaking.

It was still pretty early on in our relationship, but we’d already chosen Paris as our next destination during the flight to Barra. This has been a common theme for us, planning our next trip before we’ve landed at our current destination.When We Roam Travel Blog

We Want To Roam Everywhere!

We soon realised we both wanted to travel as much as possible, but have only just decided to start writing about it.

When We Roam will be our online travel journal, something to look back on and hopefully something you’ll find useful.

We’ll be sharing guides on what to do (and what not to do, we’ve made plenty of mistakes), we’re also really keen to connect with other travel bloggers and learn from each other.

If you have your own blog, leave a comment and we’ll pay you a visit. For us, blogging is about being part of a community, we look forward to reading about your adventures too.

We’ve Been On Many Adventures

We’ll try to write some of these up and actively link from the list below:

  • Scotland – it’s crazy how little we have explored our adopted home country, let’s put that right!
  • Paris (twice) – so charming, we’re planning to revisit again soon;
  • Ireland – for obvious reasons;
  • Yorkshire – for obvious reasons;
  • Amsterdam – for obvious reasons;
  • Sweden – for a music festival to see my favourite band, Cut Copy;
  • Dubrovnik  – a photographers dream, we were in awe of the Old Town;
  • Italy – this was incredible, we spent two weeks travelling through (and eating) a huge chunk of Italy;
  • Salou – let’s not talk about Salou, we went for PortAventura and lots of sun;
  • Orlando – let’s talk about Orlando, we went for the theme parks and lots of sun;
  • Crete – an incredibly relaxing holiday with fantastic food;
  • London – we can’t get enough of London, we’d move there if Edinburgh wasn’t so damn beautiful;
  • Iceland – an adventurous holiday with so many activities, we went in May and are itching to go back in Winter;
  • Portugal – hiking, fun, food and cocktails;
  • Gran Canaria – our first all-inclusive experience, terrible food, decent drinks.

We’re sure there are some more that we’ve missed. Here’s what we have coming up, hopefully…

  • Thailand
  • New York
  • India
  • Morocco
  • Berlin
  • Budapest
  • Copenhagen
  • Madrid
  • Los Angeles
  • Sydney
  • New Zealand
  • Fiji

I said we’d keep it short and sweet, but I’ve rambled on a bit. We love to ramble too, just last week we rambled around Loch Lomond and climbed Ben Lomond (more on that soon).

Thanks for visiting When We Roam. We hope you enjoyed your stay and will come back soon.

Gem and Gary


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