The Perfect Glamping Break in Aberdeenshire

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Glamping in The Barley Bothy - Aberdeenshire

Glamping in Scotland

We’re so lucky to live in Scotland, within a few hours we can escape Edinburgh and completely cut ourselves off from civilisation.

Sometimes that’s all we want to do When We Roam… find somewhere remote, stock up on supplies and enjoy some time without wifi access, underneath the stars with a log-burning stove (and hot-tub) to keep us warm.

Glamping in Scotland is the perfect way to unwind, the landscapes are stunning and it’s easy to find somewhere in the middle of nowhere – it doesn’t even matter if it rains (sometimes it’s better if it does!)

What is Glamping?

It’s camping, with a bit of glam. Expect cosy beds, hot running water, and crucially – a toilet!

You’ll still be able to enjoy all the perks of camping, the great outdoors, unreliable weather and a weak mobile phone signal – you just won’t have to put up (or thankfully, take down a tent).

The Barley Bothy

The Barley Bothy

Getaway to Boutique Farm Bothies (Aberdeenshire)

A recent glamping trip took us to Drumblade, a few miles from Huntly in Aberdeenshire. This proved to be the perfect wee break, ticking off all of our must-haves for a glamping trip:

  • Wood-burning stove
  • Outdoor hot-tub
  • Remote location
  • Beautiful scenery
  • Cosy sleeping quarters
  • Fridge for cheese and booze
  • A little mobile reception and a dash of electricity
  • Hot-running water and fully functional toilet

Jane and James have created a blissful retreat in their barley fields. There are two bothies with bags of character to choose from. Cute, cosy and oh so luxurious. You’ll be chilling out in no time!

Bathtub At Barley Bothy

Bathtub At Barley Bothy

Barley Bothy – Cabin for Four (or two)

When We Roam is a team of two, which must come as a surprise to anybody who sees how much we pack for a short break.

The Barley Bothy has two kingsize box beds (sleeping in a cupboard with a skylight is super cosy), it’s the perfect size for a family of four or two travel bloggers with far too much luggage.

Cosy Cabin Bed for 2

Cosy Cabin Bed for 2

The Sheep Shed – Cabin for Two

A super cosy shed, offering complete privacy from the neighbouring Barley Bothy. We had a wee nosy through the windows of The Sheep Shed just before we left (don’t worry, we knew it was empty) – it looked so snug, with a bed on a mezzanine and huge window overlooking the fields.

Cabin with Log Burning Stove

Cosy up by The Barley Bothy’s Log-burning stove

Cosy Cabin with a Log-Burning Stove in Aberdeenshire

We dream of having an open fire or log burning stove in our home, it’s happening any time soon so we live out this dream whenever we go glamping in Scotland.

Creating your own fire-fuelled cosy atmosphere is so much more rewarding than simply switching on a radiator, especially if you’ve spent hours trying and failing to get the fire started.

The Barley Bothy takes fire management to the next level, with three log-burning stoves to keep alight (the main stove to heat the home, a fire-fuelled oven and, most importantly, the eco hot-tub).

Luxury Glamping for Two in Scotland

Luxury Glamping for Two in Scotland

Managing three fires is quite a bit of admin, especially for a team of two. We ended up giving up on the fire in the oven (we brought a BBQ with us) and focussed on the hot-tub and main log-burning stove in the living quarters.

Once everything is burning as it should be, you can kick back with a book and a large glass of wine on the Veranda of The Barley Bothy. Watching the sunset over the barley fields is majestic, as the heat begins you have the cosy cabin to look forward to, perfect.

Cabin for Two with Hot Tub in Scotland

Cabin for Two with Hot Tub in Scotland

Glamping with a hot-tub in Aberdeenshire

There’s nothing quite like sitting under the stars in a hot tub, it gets even better if it’s one you’ve been heating up yourself all day with some fairly lacklustre fire-starting skills.

The Barley Bothy’s hot-tub is located around the back, in total privacy. Bathing under the moonlight is the perfect way to unwind after a hard-day of lighting fires, eating burgers and drinking wine.

If you are looking for a romantic retreat, The Barley Bothy (and no doubt The Sheep Shed) would be the perfect place for a couple to get away.

How to get to Boutique Farm Bothies in Drumblade, Huntly

You’ll definitely need a car to get to The Boutique Farm Bothies. A SatNav will be handy to get you to the general area, once there, make sure you have access to directions Jane provides when booking. Obviously, we got a bit lost on the way. That’s a given… When We Roam, we often get lost.

What to Pack for your Glamping Trip

Packing for a glamping trip is down to personal preference, we like to live in luxury and this often means bringing a stupid amount of food, drink and toys.

Our essential glamping intensity for the perfect glamping consists of:

  • All the wines
  • Cheese, so much cheese
  • Tea and milk
  • Cakes, occasionally homebaked
  • Two potatoes, which you’ll try (and fail) to cook
  • Cameras including a tripod we never get round to using
  • iPad loaded with films and TV shows (Our trip included The Goodfight and Marvellous Miss Maisel)
  • Playing cards
  • Swimmers – for the outdoor hot-tub
  • A BBQ
  • Boardgames (fireside gaming with wine and cheese is the bee’s knees)
  • Coats and scarves to wrap up warm whilst stargazing
  • Extra fire-lighters (if you’re as bad as us with fire)
  • Books and music – portable speaker a bonus

Stock up on Local Produce

When glamping in Scotland, we always try to stock up on local produce as part of our adventure. Our stay at The Barley Bothy was no different, we swung by J & G Dossett (The Square, Inverurie, Kintore AB51 0US) and came away with enough burgers and sausages to last a weekend (or so we thought, those tasty burgers didn’t last long!)

Findlater Castle

Fun at Findlater Castle

Places to visit near Huntly

Glamping trips don’t often result in too much roaming, but as we’re starting our travel blog we thought we should get out and explore the local area.

We’ll be covering some of the locations we visited in future blog posts, here are a few of our highlights:

Inside Findlater Castle

Exploring Findlater Castle

Who Should Visit Boutique Farm Bothies?

The Boutique Farm Bothies are the perfect luxury retreat for couples or a small family looking to escape for a weekend. We would happily recommend The Barley Bothy to friends and family and will gladly return soon (probably to The Sheep Shed).

For more info, visit

Where shall we roam next?

We LOVE glamping in Scotland, where have you been that we should try next?

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